At HCP we strongly believe that VC/PE fund management is a people’s business and it relies on the reciprocal trust between fund manager, investors, associates, advisers, entrepreneurs, investee companies’ shareholders, managers and employees.

Our values are the foundation of our business and we are committed in applying them in all aspects of our operations and our professional and business interactions in order to establish and maintain long term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. We have a duty to all our investors and stakeholders to constantly act in a transparent way and to apply the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance.

We follow the highest standards of business ethics in all our practices and principles. Our structure permits us to maintain constant control over delegation and execution of vital investment and business related duties, including prompt identification and prevention of potential conflicts of interest, confidentiality issues and money laundering practices according to regulation standards.

We adopt a proactive policy regarding conflicts of interest, identifying and resolving potential issues at the outset in the most transparent and efficient way. Furthermore, we maintain appropriate information barriers within HCP. This practice allows us to ensure information confidentiality by all parties involved while restricting access to not authorized people.

We strongly believe that transparency enhances investor protection, thus is embedded in all of our operations and investment processes. In particular we ensure transparency by:

  • Providing investors annually with audited reports and semiannually with unaudited reports.
  • Complying with the applicable Greek laws and regulations.
Our Firm acknowledges the need for alignment of investment value with the impact to society and environment.
Therefore, responsibility is embedded in all our engagements not only towards investors, investees, associates, clients and all other parties we do business with, but also towards the society and the environment. Being fully aware of our responsibility towards our investors we promote socially responsible and sustainable investing, thus raising internal awareness, and providing a common language and a set of expectations for all parties involved.
At HCP we are fully committed to:

  • our Funds and their investments
  • our Funds’ investors
  • our people
  • our business partners

We realize that commitment is the foundation of effective fund management, contributing significantly in building solid long-lasting relationships grounded in mutual trust and respect.
Our commitment is further reflected in our Partners direct participation in the Funds we manage, fully aligning our interests with those of our investors.