We have a comprehensive investment approach which focuses on prudent sector and investment selection.

We target investment opportunities that lead to substantial value creation, thereby generating superior returns for our investors.

At HCP we get involved in all stages of each potential investment. Following a proactive and adaptable approach we structure tailored and mutually successful deals with clear investment and exit strategies.

We see HCP as the partner who enables lasting value for all parties involved. Capitalizing on our proven execution capabilities, along with our constant support to the management of our portfolio companies, we steer their operations to focus towards value creation.

Investment identification and selection is the most critical component of HCP’s strategy. It is based on proprietary sourcing capabilities combined with extensive business due diligence and analysis in order to develop deep knowledge and understanding of each potential investment opportunity’s unique characteristics.


HCP has a long and recognized presence in the Greek market, combined with an extensive network of associates. We have built relationships with advisors, entrepreneurs, corporates, private and institutional investors, Greek and International financial institutions. This allows us preferential access to a wide spectrum of business plans and investment proposals, enabling prompt identification of attractive investment opportunities.


Investments are thoroughly scrutinized and selected based on consistent investment criteria focusing mainly on growth opportunities, attractive pricing, market conditions, management teams’ ability to deliver and sustainable competitive advantages. Our experience along with our profound business analysis and evaluation provide a solid framework for assessing investment opportunities and evaluating the implied risk – reward profile of each potential investment.

We concentrate in identifying attractively priced investments with strong growth potential that can generate superior returns in a pre-specified time frame with limited risk exposure.

Investment opportunities, sufficiently justified and efficiently structured into feasible/realizable investments, are further assessed by the respective investment committees of our Funds on the basis of their coherence, consistency and ultimate value creation as measured by expected return for our investors.

By utilizing our broad experience in deal structuring and financial instruments (plain vanilla equity participations & hybrid financing instruments) we are flexible to accommodate any type of investment i.e. greenfield, buyout, majority or minority participation, etc. in a way that can enhance value creation for all parties involved.

Creativity and “out of the box” thinking, combined with extensive financial engineering and structuring skills, filtered by our substantial experience, provide the basis for successful deal execution.

We actively monitor our investments to ensure early identification of potential problems and timely response to deviations, through board representation, regular accounting information flows and personal interactions with the entrepreneur and key management executives.

At HCP we have a strong track record of working hard towards the shared goal of building stronger businesses through continuous improvement, thus delivering long lasting value generation. From the first day of assessing the investment opportunity to the investment exit day we are dedicated towards delivering results and building value.

Our win-win approach and continuous empowerment of all people involved is the key driver to ensuring superior performance on a daily basis.

Our investment style is inherently exit oriented thus the existence of a visible and realistic exit path, within a specified holding horizon, is a prerequisite before proceeding with any investment.

Our “hands on” approach on the management of each investment, combined with our ability to identify alternate exit options in an investment will lead to superior return on capital employed.

We take pride in our creative investment and disinvestment approach, which enables us to form and timely implement effective and efficient exit plans. We are committed in finding innovative solutions to realise value and deliver market leading returns for our Funds’ investors, while ensuring the welfare of all stakeholders involved (entrepreneurs, management, employees and/or society, environment etc).